Privacy policy


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This web site and its contents are the property of Viña Santa Ema. Therefore it is forbidden its total or partial reproduction, their translation, inclusion, transmission, storage or access through analogue, digital media or any other system or technology created or created in the future, without prior authorization and written consent of the company. You must have permission in writing from the company to publish contents of this website.

Information from users
Viña Santa Ema obtains and records information from its visitors through manual and automated methods.

Automatic mechanisms: Computational processes that can generate records of the activities of the users within the website, without identifying them individually, which establishes patterns of navigation and audience.

Manual mechanisms: Express requests for information from the visitors, which are collected data such as name, e-mail address, occupation, or other. Viña Santa Ema is committed to ethical and legal management of this information. Therefore, it will not be made public or sold to third-party databases generated with information from its visitors. If information collected from all visitors should be shared with commercial or audible warning members of the web site, the user will be informed of this or you will be asked your prior authorization.

Collection of services Viña Santa Ema will provide all its information services free of charge and any change to this modality will be informed promptly.

Quality of the Viña Santa Ema services is committed to providing all of its information services with the highest possible quality. The information provided comes from sources that are reliable and independent, and is not always possible to verify such information. Therefore, the portal assumes responsibility for its truthfulness and accuracy.

About this policy of privacy through this privacy policy, Viña Santa Ema is not entering a contractual commitment with its visitors, but that this is delivered only for information purposes.